Theo Lucas Kingsley Monk. Theo Lucas Kingsley Monk:
Our beautiful boy
This is the website for Theo Monk.  He was a very special little boy in every way
and he enchanted everyone who met him.  Theo had a tragically short life: his early and unexpected death at 6 years old affected everyone.  This website was set up to ensure that his story can be told and that others may learn how special he was.

Theo was disabled with an unusual array of difficulties.  He had a visual impairment (Congenital Stationary Night Blindness - CSNB), autism and complex learning disabilities (also known as profound learning difficulties).  There was no easy or
“tidy” label for his difficulties, but he was so much more than a label.  He was very
much a little boy who was somewhat different from other children, but who gave
joy to all who knew him.

Telling his story may give encouragement to others who have children with
unusual difficulties, which keep the medical profession guessing.  He also showed
that having no overall “diagnosis” does not hinder progress or confine a child to
pre-defined “boxes”.  Life was hard for Theo in that he had to work hard to achieve
the physical milestones of sitting and walking.  Life was beautiful in that music,
food and love sustained him.  Not much to ask for so much in return.

Theo was our shining star: a friend decorated his 3rd birthday cake with the words, “Twinkle, twinkle little Theo, shining brightly like a star”.  Attic Bee has designed a star necklace in memory of Theo, with 50% of the price being donated to the British Heart Foundation.  To see the necklace click here.

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